Can you special order our bacon?

Do you love the bacon we use on Temple’s Homemade Breakfast Biscuits? Did you know you can order it by the slab?Thick cut bacon


It’s true.


As our loyal customers know, we take great pride in the items we carry. So we don’t use just any bacon on our biscuits. We use the best, thick cut bacon we can find. We love it because it’s always nice and fresh AND it’s a sustainable (eco-friendly) product. Sometimes our customers want to know where they can get it to enjoy at home.

The simplest place, is from us.

Pepper Coated Thick Cut BaconWe order the thick cut bacon for our breakfast biscuits from a local grocery company about twice a week. Customers are welcome to place orders for the bacon with us for pickup, as well. The original thick cut bacon we use on Temple’s Homemade Breakfast Biscuits is available in 10 lb slabs. It is also available in 5 lb slabs of pepper coated bacon (my personal favorite). The pepper coated is also available from our cold case as you enter Sunnyside.

Have you tried our thick cut bacon? Which one is your favorite?

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2 thoughts on “Can you special order our bacon?

  • Where is the bacon available from ? Can anyone order it? Does it get shipped and what is the cost? I love bacon and it is so expensive to buy by the pound. I’m guessing this is in the US though and wouldn’t be able to get this in Ontario?

    • Hi Laurieann,

      Bacon is super expensive to buy by the pound. Buying it by the slab like this does drop the cost a little. We order our bacon from a local grocery company here in the US. Anyone can order it, but we’ve never had anyone ask us about shipping it. If you’d like to do this, I am willing to check and see how much it would cost.

      We typically sell the 10 lb slabs of bacon for $45. This drops the cost to about $4.50 per pound for our customers. I’m not sure how much bacon is in Ontario, but here it’s about $6.00 per pound. If orders, customers can pick it up on Fridays after 10 am.

      This bacon is delicious and may be worth a trip to stock up from Ontario!

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